2015 Global Innovation Summit Agenda



2015 Global Innovation Summit Agenda

You’ve never seen an agenda like this!  The Global Innovation Summit is not just a conference.  It’s a living ecosystem, and the world’s largest gathering for builders of the new economy.  We are proud to announce the agenda of the Summit.  No parade of talking heads and powerpoints.  Instead, we feature dynamic interactive learning, hands-on design prototyping, real life case studies, practical tools, and a 50-country-strong peer network.  Come experience an innovation ecosystem spring to life.  Register or apply for the Summit today.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Opening Ceremony: Welcome and Introduction to the Summit
A New Paradigm for a New Economy – a new economic model, one that nurtures the growth of ecosystems that foster successful new ideas, solutions, and ventures.

  • Victor W. Hwang, Executive Director
  • Mark Newberg, Deputy Director

Opening Keynote Interview: The New Capitalism
One that is based on collaborative teams, shared success among diverse parties, a hands-on “maker mindset,” and high levels of trust and rapid experimentation among creative teams.

  • Interviewer: Mary Kay Magistad (BBC Radio and Public Radio International)
  • Kamran Elahian (Global Catalyst Partners)

Design Lab #1: The Rainforest Master Plan
Small teams in a massive real-time, hands-on “laboratory.” Build your own ecosystem and work on designing solutions for tough systemic challenges offered by your peers.

Evening Event: Celebration of Art & Innovation
A live indoor street festival featuring talented and provocative artists, musicians, performers, poets, and others from Silicon Valley and elsewhere.


Wednesday,  February 18, 2015

Special Breakfast Session, sponsored by University of Waterloo
Regional Innovation Ecosystems: Foundations for Growth in the 21st Century.

  • David Fransen Ph.D., chair of the 2015 Waterloo Innovation Summit
  • Iain Klugman, CEO of Communitech

Keynote Case Study: The Shinola Story 
Why open a watch factory in Detroit?  As the company has grown, they’ve created an entire ecosystem around the art of manufacturing and craftsmanship.

  • Interviewer: Loren Feldman (Entrepreneurship Editor, Forbes)

Design Lab #2: Ecosystem Mapping
When building an ecosystem, it always helps to view your challenges from multiple sides. Using leading edge design tools and approaches, the teams will begin to address the issues facing them all…and plotting the solutions.

Conversation #1: Design 

Innovation Inside: Building Innovative Teams
The art of building innovative teams requires skill, vision, perseverance, and the right culture. But how do groups of distinct individuals become high-functioning teams?

  • Moderator: Joe Sterling (Head of Consulting, T2 Venture Creation)
  • Pablo Salazar Rojo (Managing Director, Naranya Ventures)
  • Natalie Sweeney (Senior Business Innovation Strategy Consultant, Highmark)

Rubiks’ Cubed: Creative Problem Solving at Scale
Every ecosystem has its creative individuals, but what makes creativity happen at large scale?

  • Moderator: Ade Mabogunje (Senior Research Associate, Stanford University)
  • Megan Kachur (Creative Development Manager of Innovation, Walt Disney World)
  • Conrad Von Igel (Executive Director, Centro De Innovacion)
  • Maggie Hsu (Director of Marketing & External Relations, Las Vegas Downtown Project)
  • Maryann Feldman (Heninger Distinguished Professor, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Educated Insight: The Reinvention of Learning
What happens to education when students seek innovation skills as much as raw knowledge, when there are no obvious “right” answers to real-world problems?

  • Moderator: Diana Walker (Principal, Walker Impact Strategies)
  • Mark Hatch (CEO, TechShop)
  • Rick Beyer (President Emeritus, Wheeling Jesuit Univ.)
  • Wanny Hersey (Superintendent & Principal, Bullis Charter School)
  • Wayne Li (Oliver Professor of the Practice of Design & Engineering, School of Industrial Design, Georgia Institute of Technology

Case Studies: Design of Startup Ecosystems

  • Prafull Anubhai (Chairman, Ahmedabad University)
  • Marcelo Cabrol (Manager of External Relations and Innovation Lead, Inter-American Development Bank)


Conversations #2: Capital

Atlas Hugged: When Big Money Builds Global Ecosystems
By embracing ecosystems as a means to achieving returns, or by building ecosystems to address big challenges, leaders are charting new paths for capital at scale.

  • Moderator: Isabel Alvarez-Rodriguez (External Relations, Inter-American Development Bank)
  • Jason Baron (Managing Director & Head Portfolio Manager for Social Investments, US Trust)
  • Per Fredrik Ilsaas Pharo (Director, Government of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative)

Catching Waves: Investing in Emerging Ecosystems
How can startup investing succeed in emerging ecosystems? We’ll explore how early-stage investments are made around the world.

  • Moderator: Fernando Fabre (President, Endeavor)
  • Paul Breloff (Managing Director, Accion Venture Lab)
  • Kevin Fong (Special Advisor, GSR Ventures)
  • Jessica Loman (Director of Operations and Impact, Toniic)
  • Walid Bakr (Director, The Abraaj Group)

Making it Matter: Impact Investing at the Cutting Edge
How impact’s leading practitioners approach the dual challenges of making money while doing good and explore the ecosystem that has arisen to support their work.

  • Moderator: Cathy Clark (Adjunct Professor and Director, CASE i3, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University)
  • Raul Pomares (Founder, Sonen Capital)
  • Miguel Granier (Managing Director, Invested Development)
  • Johanna Posada (Founder & Managing Director, Elevar Equity)
  • Abigail Noble (Associate Director & Head of Impact Investing Initiatives, World Economic Forum)

Case Study: Investing By Geography

  • Moderator: Ben Thornley (Founder & Managing Director, ICAP Partners)
  • Ahmed Alfi (Founder, Sawari Ventures)
  • Nasir Ali (CEO, Upstate Venture Connect)

Designing Ecosystems Case Studies:

Ecosystems are being built everywhere, but what actually works? 
Catchafire has created an ecosystem of service, driven millions of dollars worth of benefit to non-profits and companies, built a tech platform for good, and made a market where none existed.

  • Moderator: Cynthia Muller (Senior Director of Impact Investing, Arabella Advisors)
  • Scott Schwaitzberg (Head of Enterprise Business, Catchafire)

Building Finance for the Under-banked
What happens when an underserved market intersects with an overlooked opportunity?

  • Arjan Schutte (Managing Partner, Core Innovation Capital)
  • Jennifer Tescher (President & CEO, Center for Financial Services Innovation)

Crowdfunding Case Study

  • Jason Yuan (Managing Director, CircleUp)

Startup Ecosystem Case Study

Design Lab #3
All teams will create 3-D models of a real-world solution to a difficult systemic challenge. Synthesizing. Ecosystem prototyping.

Ecosystem Design Gallery
Featuring over 50 ecosystem prototypes and tackling a wide variety of global challenges.

Startup Showcase, sponsored by European Young Innovators Forum
Featuring 10 of the most exciting startup companies from Europe


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Conversation #3: Leadership

Phoenix Rising: Triumph Over Crisis
What happens in a major crisis when a leader must deal with massive challenges yet have few obvious levers?

  • Moderator: Michael Lesnick (Senior Partner, Meridian Institute)
  • Dr. Sakena Yacoobi (CEO, Afghan Institute of Learning)
  • Jeff Finkle (President & CEO, International Economic Development Council)
  • Michael Hecht (President & CEO, Greater New Orleans, Inc.)
  • Chid Liberty (CEO, Liberty & Justice)

Insight Included: Diversity by Design
Ecosystems thrive with greater diversity. So why is this so hard to implement in practice?

  • Moderator: Janet Crawford (Principal, Cascadence)
  • Kumardev Chatterjee (Founder & President, European Young Innovators Forum)
  • Ursula Oesterle (Vice President of Innovations, Swisscom)
  • Eric Ball (Treasurer & Senior Vice President of Finance, Oracle)

Case Studies: Leading the Technology Commercialization Process

  • Moderator: Soody Tronson (Founder and Principal, Soody Tronson Law Group)
  • Victor Hwang (Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Liquidity Corporation)

Case Studies: Leading Public Policy to Grow Ecosystems

  • Moderator: Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu (Managing Director & CEO, InfoGraphics Nigeria Limited)

Design Lab #4: Synthesis

Closing Keynote Conversation: Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Where does the entrepreneurial spirit come from?  How to encourage more of it?  This keynote interview features two of the most influential supporters of entrepreneurship in the world, one in social impact, and the other in the Middle East.  They will share insights, stories, and lessons on how to foster innovative risk-taking everywhere.

  • Nancy Pfund (DBL Investors)
  • Fadi Ghandour (Aramex)

Awards and Closing Ceremony
We announce the winners of the world’s leading awards for ecosystem building: The Rainforest Recognitions.

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