Rainforest Rev: How An Innocent Contract Can Stifle Entrepreneurship

The Rainforest Revolution
News on growing ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship


Join us in Silicon Valley on Feb. 17-19, 2015.
Ecosystems are being built everywhere — whether in companies, communities, cities, or countries.  Attend the Global Innovation Summit and and get insights and tools on making ecosystems thrive.  It’s the world’s biggest gathering of “ecosystem builders.”




Death By NDA? How An Innocent Contract Can Stifle Entrepreneurship

Victor Hwang, CEO & Co-Founder of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
Interestingly, Silicon Valley’s startup community tends to sign fewer nondisclosure agreements than other places. Too many NDAs indicates a lack of trust in the ecosystem and can do more harm than good. Read more here.


Rainforests and Hand Grenades: Incubating Defense Innovation

Defense Entrepreneurs Forum
The Department of Defense’s new “Offset Strategy” for spending must be coupled with an approach that boosts “…rapid technology innovation at scale or what authors Victor Hwang and Greg Horowitt call ‘The Rainforest.’” Read more here.


How Being a Good Manager Can Make You a Bad Innovator

Companies that want to create innovative products and services must adopt management principles that are frequently seen in start-ups – and that they don’t teach in business school. Read more here.


The Evolutionary and Biological Logic of Human Cooperation

Analyse & Kritik
This scholarly paper explains the evolutionary puzzle of human cooperation by maintaining that it isn’t new, it is maladaptive, and it has evolved by individual selection. Read more here.


To Get More Entrepreneurs, We Must Create Better Ecosystems

The Huffington Post
A 30-year trend of declining entrepreneurship in the U.S. has been blamed on the recent recession and government regulation, but the real culprit is our antiquated economic model. Read more here.




Inclusive Innovation

Maria Douglass, a friend and collaborator of T2 Venture Creation (blog)
Efforts in India and Malaysia show how the ecosystem theory of innovation can be applied to developing regions. Read more here.


Trends IN Entrepreneurship: What is Happening in Indiana

VentureClub of Indiana 
T2 Venture Creation CEO and Co-Founder Victor Hwang’s Rainforest ideas set the tone for this report on the Hoosier State’s innovation economy, which draws from discussions with the players in its entrepreneurial ecosystem. Read more here.


Peruvian Scientists Disgruntled with ‘Brain Gain’ Scheme

Institutional deficiencies at home hinder scientists returning from an Inter-American Development Bank program that sends Peruvian researchers to partner with foreign universities. Read more here.

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