Rainforest Rev: Education Revolution and Geniuses

The Rainforest Revolution

News on growing ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship


The Education Revolution Is Here Right Now. Don’t Miss It.

Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
Henry Doss’ second interview with a managing partner at a higher education investment firm reveals the disruptive innovations that are revolutionizing the way we teach, learn, and live — and the forces resisting these changes in education. Read more here.

Genius Is a Team Effort

New books about Intel and Apple question the stereotype of the lone entrepreneurial genius, revealing corporate cultures that succeeded on the strengths of their “collaborative charisma.” Read more here.

When Does a Start-up Stop Being a Start-up?

This well-researched effort to define the word “startup” yields insights into the strengths and weaknesses companies experience as they reach various sizes. Read more here

Government Grants May Help Ease Business Challenges

The New York Times
Grant programs across the country are stepping in to help startups where angels fear to tread. Read more here..

Lawrence H. Summers on the Economic Challenge of the Future: Jobs

The Wall Street Journal
The ongoing drive toward efficiency and innovation will likely solve problems of scarcity in American society, but may only worsen unemployment in the U.S. economy. Read more here.


Why Massachusetts’ Plans for Economic Development Could (And Should) Blaze a Trail for Other States

Massachusetts is targeting $80 million in economic development outside the Route 128 tech corridor, looking to boost business in less startup-friendly parts of the State. Read more here.

Brasília Has a Life Beyond the Government with an Accelerator on the Horizon

An article in Portuguese examines a Brazilian think tank that encourages tech startups in the capital city of Brasília through an approach the author likens to the Rainforest ecosystem of T2 Venture Creation’s Victor Hwang and Greg Horowitt. Read morehere.

Chicago’s Tech Job Growth Near the Top of U.S. Cities

Crain’s Chicago Business
In the race to increase tech jobs between 2011 and 2013, the “City of Big Shoulders” muscles in line behind San Francisco, Austin, the San Francisco peninsula, New York, and Silicon Valley. Read more here.


Global Innovation Summit + Week 2015

Learn.  Love.  Build… Together.

February 16-20, 2015  |  Silicon Valley, California

50% early bird discount — last day is August 31! Plus highly discounted rates for students, startups, nonprofits, universities, and governments.


T2 Venture Creation

T2 Venture Creation (www.t2vc.com) is seeking an ambitious, motivated, conscientious, and diligent applicant for the position of Sales Manager. The Sales Manager will be responsible for executing on sales opportunities and leads, as well as generating leads, for T2 Venture Creation’s three main product lines:
1.      Innovation Design & Consulting Services
2.      “Global Innovation Summit” Sponsorship Opportunities
3.      “Global Innovation Week” Sponsorship Opportunities
This position is initially 100% commission-based.  Based on success over the coming year, however, this position offers room to grow.  If you are interested in joining Silicon Valley’s leading innovation ecosystem design practice, please send us your resume, sales experience, and writing and/or visual samples to info@t2vc.com.

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