Rainforest Rev: The Power of Innovative Design and Constructive Dissent


Design Thinking In Healthcare: One Step At A Time
Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
Is it possible to expand and improve healthcare without raising costs? The answer is yes, if innovative design thinking is in the mix. Read more here.

On Development, Sachs Was Wrong. And right.
World Economic Forum
Bill Gates reviews a new book on Jeffrey Sachs — the fascinating “Bono of economics” whose idealistic $120 million effort to lift an African village out of poverty had mixed results, but also some useful lessons. Read more here.

The Mysterious Death of Entrepreneurship in America
The Atlantic Cities
With the media touting Silicon Valley’s successes (and excesses), you’d be forgiven for thinking that America is living in a golden age of entrepreneurship. You’d be wrong. Read morehere.

Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Failures en Route to Success
BBC News
Managers want their employees to be more creative and collaborative, but many find it difficult to encourage the kind of dissent necessary for that to happen. Read more here.

Change Attitude, Embrace Newcomers
The Chronicle Herald
T2 Venture Creation CEO Victor Hwang contributes solutions to Nova Scotia’s struggle to increase the immigration the region needs to succeed. Read more here.

Arab Knowledge Economy Report
SME Advisor Middle East
The report examined the characteristics of the Arab Knowledge Economy and its contribution towards the overall development of the region’s economy. Read more here.

Canada Offers Mondo Incentives to Lure Tech Startups
The Wall Street Journal
Imagine there’s a country whose incentives pay 80% of your company’s salaries. Now open your eyes and see Canada’s doing it for real. Read more here.

NZ Govt Supports Tech Startups in New Budget
ZD Net
New Zealand has put its money where its mouth is, announcing two aggressive new tax measures to spur tech innovation in the island nation. Read more here.
After Years, Michigan’s Attempts To Build A Startup Ecosystem Bear Fruit
Few states have boosted their startup rate in the last five years as much as Michigan, which has used a homegrown ecosystem to invest in local entrepreneurs. Read more here.

Rainforest Architect Lab
August 24-27, 2014
November 2-5, 2014
Silicon Valley, California
Global Innovation Summit + Week 2015
February 16-20,2015

Silicon Valley, California
50% early bird discount — last day is August 31! Plus highly discounted rates for students, startups, nonprofits, universities, and governments.

Liquidity Nanotech Corporation
Liquidity Nanotech Corporation, one of Silicon Valley’s top next generation technology startups, has a limited investment window for friends of T2 Venture Creation.  The company is targeting a multi-billion dollar market in clean water.  It’s a rare opportunity to make profits while saving lives.  Visit Liquidity’s crowdfunding website for more information.  

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