Rainforest Rev: Uncool Startups and Empowering Entrepreneurs


How To Build An Uncool Startup…On Purpose 

Victor Hwang, CEO & Co-Founder of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
Startups that make tangible things seem to have fallen out of favor in recent years. Fortunately, the popular tide appears to be turning. For years, my team has been building several of them. One of them, Liquidity Nanotech Corporation, is now launching a revolutionary water purification cartridge that can create drinking water without chemicals, electricity, or pressure.  Read morehere.
Innovation Ecosystems: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Powering Economies
This Barclays report scrutinizes the impact of technology ecosystems and concludes that economies around the world are on the cusp of a “…’third-wave industrial revolution’ in which enterprising, young innovators will play a central role.” Read morehere.

Want Teamwork? Encourage Free Speech
The New York Times
Employers want their workers to be more creative and collaborative, but many find it challenging to handle the kind of dissent necessary for that to happen. Read more here.

24 Charts Of Leadership Styles Around The World
Business Insider
Management structures differ dramatically around the world, as revealed in this fascinating series of charts from “When Cultures Collide” author Richard D. Lewis. Read more here.

The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley
YouTube (video)
T2VC Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder Greg Horowitt gives a captivating talk on tech startup ecosystems for UC Berkeley’s Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership as part of the A. Richard Newton Distinguished Innovator Lecture Series. See more hear.


Coming Soon to Brooklyn: A Silicon Valley-like Tech Hub on the East River
Fast Company
A 300,000 square-foot block of abandoned warehouses is being transformed from a decaying wasteland to a cutting-edge ecosystem workspace. Read more here.

Tokyo Technology Start-ups Offer Devices and Gadgets
BBC News
Futuristic headsets, magic finger rings, and cat ears that read your brainwaves are just some of the creative devices being developed by Tokyo startups. Read more here.

If a Bubble Bursts in Palo Alto, Does It Make a Sound?
The New York Times
As acquisitions and valuations skyrocket, many fear a coming crash. But they shouldn’t. This bubble’s bursting won’t be the same as those in the past. Read more here.

Share Conference
May 13-14, 2014 Marine’s Memorial Theater
San Francisco, California
Gemalto Smart Payments Forum
May 15-16, 2014
UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge
May  19, 2014
San Diego, California
Launch: Silicon Valley 2014
SV Forum
The World Cup Tech Challenge

May 20,2014
Silicon Valley, California
Cultivating Change Telesummit: Feminine Leadership and the Brain: How Organizations Can Evolve
May 20, 2014
Greater Halifax State of the Economy
May 22, 2014 The Westin Nova Scotian
Halifax, Canada

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