Trust in Europe

Brussels 04.03.2014 Guest blog post by Dorine van Woerden

The European Union is in itself a remarkable achievement. It is the result of a process of voluntary economic and political integration between the nation states of Europe. Nevertheless, the EU currently faces a number of challenges that threaten the progress that has been made over the last decennia. How the EU will deal with these challenges will be key to its future success.

One of the critical reasons why the immense European financial, economic, social and political crises have turned out so difficult to resolve is the associated collapse of trust which used to be the foundation for reliable action. The global crises have tested the vital element of trust. Restoring trust is not only a way to get out of the beforementioned crises, but it is as well a key condition for Europe to improve itself and unlock its real potential. Following the idea of the Rainforest©; improving Europe works best when having non tightly controlled systems by creating several conditions to unlock human potential, in order to let an ecosystem grow. A key condition for such an ecosystem is trust, exactly the one the EU is lacking.

Senior Trainee therefore invited 28 youngsters from every European member state to rethink how the EU is governed now and to explore practical solutions for the complex trust crisis in Europe today. The authors co-writing the book are a collection of young talents from each individual European member state, all with a unique idea for a better European future. Although the themes debated in this ebook vary from essay to essay, the core of the work is the urge to create a difference. Trust cannot easily be restored once it has eroded, but the ebook gives practical solutions on how to strengthen this invisible infrastructure for the European Community. Reinventing Europe gives a rush, knowing that it is possible to generate, together and inspired by others, an innovative EU.

Senior Trainee is a platform for young European professionals to exchange ideas and recommendations on the shaping of the EU through ebooks. With a nod to the amount of Traineeships young European policy professionals have to fulfil, the name Senior Trainee covers the ‘by whom and for whom’ part of the platform. This book is a great opportunity for young people to be heard and to make a difference. The ebook, future ebooks and the created platform is a good way to exchange ideas and give recommendations on the shaping of the European Union.

For more information and to download the ebook, visit (Contact: Dorine +32 491 592 057 or

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