Rainforest Rev: Silicon Valley’s Secret Subculture and the Entrepreneurs Index

Are you trying to build an innovation ecosystem? You are not alone. Become a Rainforest Architect. Join an exclusive community of professionals sharing breakthrough ideas, practical tools, and peer support to build Rainforests and to transform lives. The Rainforest Architect Lab is a three-day, one-of-a-kind immersive design course. The next course is on June 1- 4. Click here to find out more, and sign up today!

Silicon Valley’s Secret Subculture, Not So Secret Anymore
Victor Hwang, CEO & Co-Founder of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
Television shows might lampoon the Valley’s geek culture, but beneath the stereotype is an edgy arts scene complete with street festivals celebrating innovation in all its forms. Read more here.

Entrepreneurs Index
Barclays and BGF
A detailed report that measures the United Kingdom’s 2013 entrepreneurial activity across geographic regions and business sectors. Read more here.

M.I.T.’s Alex Pentland: Measuring Idea Flows to Accelerate Innovation
The New York Times
A scientist uses remote sensors to study patterns of human movement that generate “social physics” theories about the spread of innovative ideas. Read more here.

Scale Your Innovation Initiatives
Strategy + Business
How to expand successful corporate innovation efforts without additional personnel or costs. Read more here.

Podcast #1: The Rainforest Podcast with Greg Horowitt
the innovation rainforest blog 
An interview by T2VC Chief Evangelist Greg Horowitt of Eliot Peper. Eliot is a former associate and entrepreneur-in-residence at T2VC and the author of the world’s first “startup thriller” novel. Listen more here.
The Big Comeback: Is New Orleans America’s Next Great Innovation Hub?
The Atlantic
The Big Easy’s difficult road back from Katrina has lead to a city of startups. Read more here.

A Tech Startup Ecosystem in Paradise
Tech in Asia
Talented techies from around the world are doing business from Bali, where the beauty, balance, and low cost of the Indonesian island nation’s “work-life haven” are an ideal counterpoint to the stresses and strains of the startup struggle. Read more here.

The Rise And Future Of The New York Startup Ecosystem
NYC’s startup ecosystem is now the second largest in the country. Deal with it. (We’re looking at you, Massachusetts.) Read morehere.

Cape Town’s Startup Ecosystem is Teeming with Innovation and Rich Culture
Tech Cocktail
The South African city’s limitless leisure activities are complemented by a culture that embraces entrepreneurship. Read more here.



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