Podcast #1: The Rainforest Podcast with Greg Horowitt

We are pleased to present our first Innovation Rainforest podcast!  It’s an interview by T2VC Chief Evangelist Greg Horowitt of Eliot Peper.  Eliot is a former associate and entrepreneur-in-residence at T2VC and the author of the world’s first “startup thriller” novel. His book combines the excitement of entrepreneurship with nail-biting mystery and action.  You can learn more about the book here.  Click below to listen to Podcast #1: Greg Horowitt’s Interview With Eliot Peper.

2 Comments on “Podcast #1: The Rainforest Podcast with Greg Horowitt”

  1. Todd Johnston says:

    Really enjoyed this interview – thanks Greg and Eliot. I spent time as an entrepreneurial publisher from 2000 – 2002 and much of what Eliot shared either resonated with my experience or triggered memories of that vocational adventure. I would love to share that story with you guys sometime …

    The output of my time as a knowledge worker cum publisher: The Most Amazing Thing (http://www.amazon.com/Most-Amazing-Thing-Robert-Grudin/dp/0965899519). It didn’t (hasn’t) become a smashing best-seller by a long-shot, but…

    – I got to work with one of my intellectual mentors (Robert Grudin),
    – serialized a book on the web – we published it chapter by chapter on the web during 2000 – 2001,
    – produced a product that was critically acclaimed (a finalist (1 of 3) for a Ben Franklin Award for publishing excellence),
    – and was part of creating and working with an innovation ecosystem that, honestly, foreshadowed a good bit of where publishing has evolved to over the last decade +.

    And I still believe it would make for an incredible movie .. we continue to shop it around every now and again.

    Ironically, it is not “start up fiction,” but I think it would sit comfortably alongside Uncommon Stock on a bookshelf.

    Eliot’s lessons learned about connections, networks, giving, giving, giving … are well heard by me. We did a lot of things well, but did not do well in what is, I learned, the most demanding and resource intensive parts of publishing: what comes after you’ve published the book!

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