Rainforest Rev: Brand Innovators and Hidden Influencers

The game has changed in the knowledge economy. Today, value is created by trust-based networks that accelerate innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. We can teach you that game. The Rainforest Architect Lab is a three-day, one-of-a-kind immersive design course in Silicon Valley that provides leaders with the insights, tools, and skills to build their own innovation ecosystems.  Four new dates have just been added!
April 6-8   |   June 1-4   |   August 24-27   |   November 2-5
Click here to find out more, and sign up today — as enrollment is limited! 

The Latest News on Innovation Ecosystems – How Do We Create Innovative Environments in Companies, Communities and Countries?

Innovation is a Process, Not a Four-letter Word
University of Chicago’s Kilts Center for Marketing
Innovation does more than improve a company’s products, packaging, or pricing; it also creates a ripple effect that improves a business’ overall brand identity. Read more here.

Tapping the Power of Hidden Influencers
McKinsey & Company
A survey technique used by social scientists to study street gangs, drug users, and sex workers can help organizations identify influential employees who can lead others to be more innovative. Read more here.
What Inspires Me: Meet the Metro Innovators
Bruce Katz on LinkedIn
Cities across the country are taking their fate into their own hands, relying on local stakeholders to solve their issues rather than appealing for outside assistance. Read more here.
Innovation Ecosystems
Reflections and references incited by last month’s Global Innovation Summit. Read more here.
Is it Good for People to Fail Occasionally?
BBC News
While our competitive culture prizes success, there is also a benefit to failure. Taking the long view, it appears that, “…perfectionism is the enemy of achievement.” Read more here.

Study: Copycatting, Diverse Teams, And Transparency Are Keys To Innovation
Imitation is not only the highest form of flattery; it’s also beneficial to the one being imitated, helping them explore the variations and effects of their innovations. Read more here.

Tennessee: The Innovation State?
The Takeaway from Public Radio International (radio)
From education pricing to high-speed connectivity, leaders in Tennessee are taking chances on innovative approaches. Hear more here.

Bubbles, Unicorns, Outliers and Innovation in Silicon Valley and Austin
Silicon Hills
Pivotal changes in the democratization of business creation will keep Silicon Valley at the epicenter of innovation — as long as investors let entrepreneurs take the necessary risks to experiment, create, and collaborate so that, “…knowledge and ideas flow freely,” contends Greg Horowitt, Co-founder and Managing Director of T2 Venture Creation. Read more here.

Next Silicon Valleys: Seattle Lures in a New Generation
Young entrepreneurs are making their mark in a city known more for its tech heavyweights. Read more here.

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