Rainforest Rev: Why We Startup and a Healthcare Paradigm Shift

We’re proud to announce a growing list of sponsors for Global Innovation Summit + Week!  Microsoft’s Bing is sponsoring “design labs” for prototyping solutions to the hardest global systemic challenges.  Our newest sponsor is the United Nations Foundation, which seeks to foster global entrepreneurship.  Additional sponsors include the City of San Jose, USAID, e-Estonia, Kauffman Fellows Program, DLA Piper, SVForum, BayBio, Licensing Executives Society (Silicon Valley), and many others.

We are welcoming the world!  Attending corporations include General Electric, Oracle, Disney,Mitsubishi, Daimler, Microsoft, Honda, AlcatelLucent, Intuit, SingTel, Qualcomm, Accenture,Swisscom, Telecom Italia, and many others.  International executives, entrepreneurs, and policymakers are coming from Nigeria, Colombia, Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, Egypt, Chile, France, Italy, Sweden, Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, New York, Washington, and more.

We hope to see you at the Global Innovation Summit on Feb 17-19, Global Innovation Week on Feb 17-21, in Silicon Valley.  Register or apply now!

The Latest News on Innovation Ecosystems – How Do We Create Innovative Environments in Companies, Communities and Countries?


Why We Start Up Startups
Victor Hwang, CEO of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
On the surface, entrepreneurs seem motivated by a desire for money, excitement, purpose or freedom. But there are more profound instincts at work that drive innovation — ones that rely on the same cooperative ability of humans beings that has enabled us to thrive as a species on planet earth. Read more here.

U. S. Healthcare Innovation Demands A Paradigm Shift
Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
An interview with healthcare advocate Brad Stuart, who takes on the assembly-line approach to medical care that has stifled innovative management models and is ill-fitted to address the rise in chronic diseases. Read more here.

Is the Age of Efficiency over?
When it comes to solving the world’s problems, innovators must shift the focus from efficiency to effectiveness. Read more here.
Moral Obligation in Business Law
The Houston Chronicle
A company’s primary obligation is to maximize profits, right? T2 Venture Creation’s Victor Hwang takes on conventional wisdom, demonstrating the importance of morality in the age of innovation. Read more here.
All Together Now: What Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Need to Flourish
The Economist
A ‘World Startup Report’ finds similar qualities of trust and social capital among dozens of far-flung innovation ecosystems. Read more here.

Washington Area Pops onto Tech Radar as Alternative to Silicon Valley
The Washington Post
The nation’s capital has a lot to offer startups, including predictable workdays, a growing mass of young companies eager to form partnerships, and plenty of raw engineering talent. Read more here.

Rocket Machine
The Economist
A Berlin-based e-commerce “clone factory” called Rocket Internet is putting the power of imitation to work in 50 countries around the world. Read more here.

Africa’s Innovative Spirit: Taking on the World
Ideas Lab
GE’s ‘Innovation Barometer,’ which surveys senior executives around the world, reveals disparate innovation trends among African nations. Read more here.
Study Supports View that Canada Is an Innovation Laggard
The Wall Street Journal
Lack of government support, R&D investment, and risk-taking hurts Canada’s startups. Read more here.

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