The Zen Of Innovation Leadership: ‘And’

Henry Doss’ latest Forbes article:

You’ve just gotten the biggest, most challenging assignment of your career.  You’ve been handed an under-performing division in your organization and your job is to turn it around. Fast.  The pressure for immediate, tangible results is intense.  You do not want to fail at this assignment.

Challenge Black&White

Sometimes choices appear black and white; this is an illusion.

You’ve been meeting with the management team you inherited.  You find them to be committed to the challenge and experienced; they also know where all the bodies are buried.  You’ve been preaching the need to produce results quickly, but your team tells you they need your strong support to experiment with new, untested approaches to producing the asked-for results. Many of these will certainly fail in the near term, but continuing to do what has always been done is just not going to work.  Your boss says “now!” Your management team says “a little time and space, please.”

In this scenario, what would be your leadership approach?  Do you focus on delivering short-term results, as your assignment demands; or do you focus on providing support to your management team?

Read the answer at

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