Announcing our new book, The Rainforest Blueprint: How to Design Your Own Silicon Valley

Dear Friends:

Today, we’re proud to announce the publication of a new book, The Rainforest Blueprint: How to Design Your Own Silicon Valley! It’s a practical, 66-page, full-color, lively guide to unleashing an innovation ecosystem in your company, organization, or community. It’s an insightful, fast, and entertaining read.

ImageWe know that some people couldn’t find enough time to read the original Rainforest, which clocked in at 304 pages. The Rainforest Blueprint is for you!

The Rainforest concept is about ideas and tools that can transform the world. Therefore, we want to share this book far and wide, to reach as many people as possible. Please help us spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, or whatever medium you prefer. Pony express works too.

In exchange, we are pricing this low. Ridiculously low. It’s only 99 cents for the eBook. But the digital version pales in comparison to the print version, which is beautiful, vivid, and designed to feel like an immersive experience, not just an ordinary book. The print book is only $9.99. Either version is a steal. Better yet, get both versions, and share them with friends and colleagues!

To view the print version, click here (,and to view the eBook, click here (

Thanks so much for your support. Keep remembering to dream, trust, and pay it forward!

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