What Can Children Teach Us about Innovation? Everything, Says Stanford Design Researcher

When most people think of design, they usually think of industrial design… which includes objects like forks, furniture, phones, and appliances.  But what happens when we take the underlying principles ofdesign thinking and apply them to other, more abstract concepts?

For instance, can we think about how to design startup companies?  Or how to design entire innovation ecosystems?

Ade Mabogunje of Stanford’s Center for Design Research has been a pioneer in tackling these questions for over a decade, and what he has discovered might be surprising.  (Full disclosure: I’ve been working with Ade on numerous projects, including recently the Rainforest Architects, a new course on how to design ecosystems.)

You can read the rest of the article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/victorhwang/2012/12/06/what-can-children-teach-us-about-innovation-everything-says-stanford-design-guru/

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