Recent news: National Public Radio, Forbes, combining & recombining

I recently appeared on National Public Radio’s On Point program to discuss startups, venture capital, and the future of the American economy.  Check it out here at:

My two recent postings on Forbes:

  1. The difference between public equity and venture capital:,
  2. The invisible rules that govern successful innovation ecosystems:

Also, check out this thoughtful reference to our work from Ben Farahmand recently:!/2012/09/creativity-combining-and-recombining.html


One Comment on “Recent news: National Public Radio, Forbes, combining & recombining”

  1. MJ Scheer says:

    Blog post: I loved Ben Farahmand’s and Rachel Botsman’s idea that facilitating trust within a community and making trust more accessible and known may lead to lower transactions between people that do not yet know each other. I can see the significant implications for innovation if trust could be facilitated and encouraged in communities. I wonder how big those communities could get? Could trust be facilitated over the Web? You have already observed that talent, capital, and ideas can flow through a community at a high speed. Perhaps a focus on long-term mutual gain could encourage a Web application that could facilitate trust between individuals. I wonder what the implications are for extending that idea to organizations, as well? Do organizations have higher transaction costs than individuals when dealing creatively with other organizations?

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