Forbes: How Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom explained Silicon Valley. And didn’t even realize it.

I have started a new regular column in Forbes, which I’m calling “Riffs from the Rainforest.” You can read it at:  I’m genuinely excited about this chance to write for such a venerable publication and to share these ideas with new readers worldwide.

I’ll be writing about the same core themes — the nature of innovation ecosystems, the intersection of private venture and public policy, how to grow entrepreneurial startups in hard places — but now with a bigger platform and potential reach.  My first column is about Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom, who sadly passed away on Tuesday, but not before leaving a legacy of groundbreaking work that strikes at the heart of why certain communities are so productive, and why others are not.  My article is at:

I’ll still be posting here, particularly the non-linear stuff that might seem strange on Forbes.  So, stay tuned, and thanks for reading…

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