The Rainforest Takes Root

Victor Hwang, one of T2 Venture Capital‘s Managing Directors, recently launched the new book, The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley, at the University of Chicago. Victor also presented a white paper, “The Rainforest: How ‘Chicago Thinking’ Explains Silicon Valley,” that applies the groundbreaking principles developed in the book.

The excited crowd of 50 student and faculty attendees followed the presentation with a spirited and provocative discussion of how the Rules of the Rainforest address gaps in neoclassical economic models and how these new ideas are being translated into practice.

Victor then presented at a reception hosed by the Global Midwest Alliance at Brinks Hofer. There were approximately 100 enthusiastic attendees who are dedicated Rainforest practitioners that practice innovation everyday in Chicago. As a former resident of Chicago, Victor was thrilled to see the growing spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that is turning the city into a budding innovation ecosystem. This new Rainforest culture is fundamentally changing the way that people work with and interact with one another.

The only bad news was that Victor’s stash of books was exhausted long before line of buyers!

Victor Hwang, Managing Director of T2 Venture Capital, on Innovation Ecosystems | University of Chicago Law School.

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