The Rainforest review featured by the State Science & Technology Institute (SSTI)

SSTI just featured their review of Greg and Victor’s new book, The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley, on their weekly newsletter and the books section of their website. SSTI is the leading network of practitioners and policymakers dedicated to improving society and the economy with science and technology. They have comprehensive resources on technology based economic development and we are thrilled to have their input on the book:

Many authors have explored the rise and dominance of Silicon Valley over the U.S. tech landscape. Silicon Valley’s mix of talented entrepreneurs and coders, abundant venture capital and critical mass of technology businesses have not only made the region into the world’s premier innovation center, but also have kept it at the top for decades. The explanations for its elite status are diverse: from roots as an early twentieth century center for radio research, its entrepreneurial culture, its ability to attract the most talented technology workers from around the globe and the tendency of venture capitalists to invest in businesses they can closely monitor. In The Rainforest: The Secret Recipe of Innovation Ecosystems, authors Victor W. Hwang and Greg Horowitt explore the alchemy at work in Silicon Valley using the model of the rainforest, a biological system defined by the interactions between its component parts, not the components themselves.


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