The National Association of Seed & Venture Funds announces a Special Preview of The Rainforest

The National Association of Seed & Venture Funds (NASVF) just launched a Special Preview and white paper on Victor and Greg’s new book, The Rainforest. The white paper addresses many of the core themes that have emerged from T2 Venture Capital‘s work building breakthrough startup companies and new innovation ecosystems around the world.

This white paper and a related book propose a radical “their of everything” to explain the workings of innovation ecosystems. My colleagues and I call this model for such a system the Rainforest. By weaving together our personal observations with what we know about human nature, evolutionary biology, economic cooperation, physical systems, and social systems, we can offer a new and more productive way of thinking about innovation. We argue that neoclassical economics fails to explain the real-world workings of Rainforests. Instead, the innovation process is intimately bound with the dynamics of human nature, the invisible transaction costs caused by human nature, and the development of social norms that help people in Rainforests overcome those transaction costs.

via Special Preview for NASVF NetNews Readers – The Rainforest: How “Chicago Thinking” Explains Silicon Valley.

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